Join our event to see how you can have best-of-breed OT protection and world-class enterprise cyber security. 

Historically, CISOs primarily dealt with data security and other IT-related risks, while COOs managed the realm of industrial control systems. This division of responsibilities was effective when operational technology (OT) systems operated as standalone, non-connected entities.

However, in today’s business environment, OT and IoT devices are increasingly integrated into the broader corporate network, posing new risks as potential entry points for cyber threats.

Effective protection of OT and IIoT devices, as well as portable media, requires comprehensive security assessment and planning, standard processes, and technology solutions tailored to OT environments.

In an era of IT and OT convergence it’s also crucial to adopt a 360º security approach that encompasses both environments, and allows teams to mount holistic defenses against diverse cyber threats.

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Please join our event and witness how we can help you deploy best-of-breed OT and IIoT protection, while also strengthening your enterprise-wide cyber security posture.

During the event you’ll be able to listen to and discuss with engineers and experts from ADAPTERA, Microsoft, Intec, and Performance about issues that relate to subjects such as:

  • Cybersecurity challenges in OT environments
  • Protecting OT and IIoT devices
  • Security assessment and plans for OT environments
  • Managing portable media in OT
  • Network segmentation and security
  • Importance of continuous monitoring
  • Using AI for real-time detection
  • Why you need 360º security for OT and IT
The event will begin at 17:30 and will be hosted at the SNFCC Lighthouse.