A variety of different applications are running on your network. They serve different purposes, should be handled differently, and some shouldn’t even be on your network. Application control is about aligning network performance to business priorities and ensuring that your network serves the business first.

The Need

After investing in network and cloud applications critical to the success of your business, nothing is more frustrating than recurring complaints about apps that don’t perform as expected. More and more applications used by businesses and employees consume greater bandwidth, including many that may not be business-critical, such as social media, Webmail, video, and games. Unchecked recreational and personal traffic can have a significant impact on business application performance over the WAN and the Internet, impairing quality of experience for enterprise customers and employees, as well as reducing productivity.


Assure business reputation & productivity

Align network and application performance with business priorities. Assures high quality digital experience to enterprise customers, local employees, and remote workers.

Network service insertion

Increase network availability: Real-time Identification of network and application performance issues and steering actions.

Enforce AUP

Maximize network utilization: Enforce acceptable use policies and quotas to block inappropriate content or abuses of network resources.

The Solution

The Allot Traffic Intelligence and Assurance Platform provides visibility into IT networks, aligning application performance with business priorities and troubleshooting issues. It protects the business through inbound and outbound behavior anomaly detection.

The platform also ensures network and application availability.