Change Management Automation


NetBrain Automation includes powerful Change Management Automation which enables teams to reduce the risks and costs associated with network change processes. Leveraging NetBrain’s Runbook Automation, teams can deploy [...]

Change Management Automation2021-11-09T13:54:01+00:00

The Future of Network Operations


According to analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research, today’s enterprise network manager is being asked to be a strategic business partner, not just a firefighter. But when [...]

The Future of Network Operations2021-10-27T07:52:07+00:00

Add-on Modules


NetBrain’s core dynamic mapping and runbook automation capabilities can be augmented with add-on modules. NetBrain’s Change Management Module helps teams deploy network changes faster and more safely. The [...]

Add-on Modules2021-06-01T12:41:07+00:00
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