According to analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research, today’s enterprise network manager is being asked to be a strategic business partner, not just a firefighter.

But when enterprise network teams have to spend 75% of their time either reactively fixing problems or proactively preventing them, how can they move beyond troubleshooting and carve out time to work on strategic projects?

This EMA white paper draws upon quantitative research to discuss how automation helps enterprises transform network operations to meet today’s changing expectations.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome two top challenges to enterprise network operations success
  • Where the troubleshooting process can be most efficiently optimized
  • How automation can accelerate your network troubleshooting workflow
  • Why homegrown, one-off scripts should not be part of your enterprise network automation strategy
  • EMA’s evaluation of NetBrain Dynamic Map visualization and Runbook Automation capabilities

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