If you’ve heard about Keysight CyPerf, I hope you will enjoy the updates that I share below!
If you have not heard about CyPerf, it might be worth a few minutes of your time to watch this intro video. If you are developing, testing or planning to deploy new technologies like SASE, SD-WAN, WAFs or have cloud migration projects, then I would say it is paramount for you to learn more about CyPerf and how it can help validating these solutions and embrace the transition with confidence based on quantifiable and actionable data.

Now, I am really excited about the CyPerf journey thus far. As a fairly new product, it is disrupting the way network application performance and security testing is done, and it has come a long way in a relatively short timeframe. The number of additional features, functionalities and content to date is impressive and many of our customers are already extracting good value from them.

But things are not stopping here, and we will continue to add new exciting capabilities to the product. One important update expands the infrastructure and transport capabilities of CyPerf with support for scalable SSL VPN client emulation (for Cisco AnyConnect and Palo Alto GlobalProtect), explicit proxy support (including tunnel mode) and multiple TLS versions selection. Now users can also build progressive traffic patterns with configurable ramp-up and ramp-down test phases. Additionally, a new host of usability and improved user productivity features have been added like enhanced synchronization between controller and agents, performance optimization mode for better resource utilization and many other UI improvements.

Let’s have a closer look at 3 of the top new features.

SSL VPN support. SSL VPN although not a new technology, is relied upon by a sheer number of organizations to enable the ubiquitous work-from-home mode for their workforce. It is a cornerstone component of today’s secure remote network access solutions and the interest to test and validate the scale, performance and quality of experience of SSL VPN solutions is still in high demand. CyPerf introduces native SSL VPN client support for Cisco AnyConnect and Palo Alto Global Protect and it can emulate tens of thousands of SSL VPN tunnels and run application and attack traffic through previously established VPN tunnels to test the scale, performance, and robustness of VPN Gateways. We are already working to add support for more SSL VPN vendors in upcoming releases so please stay tuned!

New proxy support capabilities. From the beginning, CyPerf’s architecture was developed with the unique differentiator that it easily supports virtually any kind of proxied or NAT-ed network. Until this point, CyPerf could support reverse and transparent proxy and now, we introduce support for explicit proxy mode. This includes not only the regular forward explicit proxy mode but also proxy tunnel support. With these additions, CyPerf is the only test solution in the market that can send both legitimate application traffic and security attacks through these proxy environments.

Last but not the least is configurable ramp-up and ramp-down test phases. Now users can define a step ramp-up and ramp-down traffic pattern which is especially important for devices or networks under test that need a gradual increase of the traffic load or a warm-up period. Another use case is to have long incremental traffic load steps and to monitor how the device under test is handling each of these phases in a single test – KPIs like packet drops, retries, retransmission or even accumulating connections are important for each phase.

Keysight CyPerf is the industry’s first cloud-native application and security test solution with light-weight agents deployed across a variety of physical, cloud and containerized environments, delivering unprecedented insights into end user experience, security posture, and performance bottlenecks. By realistically modeling dynamic application traffic, user behavior, and threat vectors at scale, CyPerf validates hybrid networks, security devices, and services for more confident rollouts.

To experiment with CyPerf and to get a better look and feel for the benefits it brings, we have another surprise – you can now take CyPerf for a free test drive!

To start your free test drive please visit: https://www.keysight.com/zz/en/cmp/promotions/cyperf-trial.html

For existing users, eager to use the new CyPerf features please download the latest build here.

To learn more about CyPerf or to schedule an expert driven demo visit: http://www.keysight.com/us/en/products/network-test/cloud-test/cyperf.html