Define changes interactively

Reduce design review from weeks to days. Model and visualize everything on a Dynamic Map — no more untangling a bunch of text to understand your changes. See device connectivity, routing design, ACLs and more of proposed changes side by side with the live network.

Deploy changes automatically

Push changes across 2 devices or 2,000 without writing a single script. Drag-and-drop configuration templates eliminate fat-fingering, missed devices, and other common slip-ups. Or leverage your existing Ansible scripts with NetBrain’s seamless integration.

Assess the impact to applications

Avoid Monday morning tickets and calls. Proactively — and automatically — verify that changes don’t impact the flow of critical applications. NetBrain untangles complex application infrastructure dependencies in seconds.

Roll back with one click

Predefine rollback commands to undo changes quickly. If a change goes through unplanned or has an adverse effect, have your rollback locked and loaded, ready to execute — all at once, device by device, or line by line.

Smooth operational hand-offs after the change

Automatically document changes and easily share expert knowledge about the newly implemented technology. Now anybody can possess the know-how to troubleshoot a newly deployed technology, with confidence.