Safeguard your network and your business from costly disruption or downtime caused by DDoS attacks

Protect your network from small and large volumetric DDoS attacks, as well as short-lived attacks that can disrupt IT operations and your business. Zero-day protection with behavior-based detection mitigates attacks within seconds. Inspecting both inbound and outbound traffic, the Allot DDoS protection solution also mitigates attacks from within the organization. Combined with traffic management, assures business application delivery and network operations, even under attack.

The Need

Detect and deflect even the most aggressive attacks on your Network

Can you maintain high QoE with a stressed network? The size, duration, and sophistication of DDoS, and Network and Host Behavior Anomaly attacks are escalating along with an increase in difficult-to-detect low volume and short-lived attacks. To thwart these destructive attacks against your enterprise, a solution needs to sit in-line. It must continuously control traffic flows and provide rapid detection and mitigation.

Why Allot?

Stop attacks that emanate from your network as well as external sources with bi-directional attack detection and mitigation, infected host detection and quarantine, and bot containment.

Memcached attacks and short-lived attacks confound cloud-based DDoS mitigation solutions. Enterprise data centers are at the heart of business operations and even minutes of downtime can result in significant revenue loss.
Allot Use Cases for Enterprise


Avoid revenue loss

Advanced prescriptive analytics identify and mitigate in real-time small to large DDoS and behavior anomaly attacks, preventing network downtime and revenue loss.

Protect business productivity

Combined with QoE management, the Allot DDoS Secure for Enterprise assures business priorities are kept and high quality of Digital Eexperience is delivered even under attack.

Safeguard network assets

Safeguard your network assets by ensuring they never encounter traffic loads that exceed their capacity.

The Solution

The Allot DDoS protection solution protects enterprise network. It applies behavioral learning to build a detailed baseline of activity, applies anomaly detection engines to identify DDoS and bot attacks and bot infected hosts. Every flow is inspected to ensure no threat goes undetected and central correlation of multiple gateways provides accurate detection on asymmetric routed links to provide the following protections:

  • Internal attacks, coming from inside (WAN/LAN) with DoS/botnets against internal resources like Datacenter FW/Datacenter servers
  • External DDoS attacks that threaten to disrupt the enterprise network
  • Identify and quarantine bot infected hosts, based on their network behavior

Every second counts and our solution will mitigate an attack within 20 seconds. Dynamic creation of accurate filtering rules mitigates volumetric attacks including small and short-lived attacks, avoids over-blocking, and allows legitimate traffic to flow unimpeded, keeping your business online and always protected.