Automated Service Assurance for Virtual and Physical Networks

Proven, carrier-scale network and digital infrastructure management for today’s and tomorrow’s CSP networks

• Holistically monitor and manage networks at the service, virtual, physical and transport layers

• Automate root-cause analysis of issues across all layers including NFV and SD-WAN environments

• Trigger closed-loop actions and remediation of problems via API integration with orchestration and OSS tools

• Prioritize issues based on correlation of service and tenant impact

• Manage multiple tenants with multi-vendor solutions in a unified view

• Drive SLA management with historical and real-time views, trending, forecasting and adaptive alerting

Holistic Approach to CSP Operations Intelligence As CSPs prepare for the rollout of 5G networks, new tailored services and continued NFV deployments, the ability to monitor and immediately manage both the traditional physical infrastructure and the new virtual networks which overlay them as one seamless entity, becomes increasingly imperative. Multi-cloud environments and new IoT devices and services further increase the complexity of today’s networks. It is no longer scalable to rely on simplistic, heterogeneous management tools. An intelligent and integrated approach to service assurance is needed. VMware Smart Assurance meets this exact need.
Real-time Actionable Insights VMware Smart Assurance provides an automated approach to operational intelligence to reduce service impact and operations expenses. Its automation maintains a stable configuration to prevent network incidents, proactively detecting abnormal patterns. When incidents cannot be prevented, it automatically identifies the root cause of the problem and generates an alert or triggers a remediation workflow. As a result, network operators can focus on delivering service QoS guarantees, meet stringent SLAs, and provide a high-quality customer experience, rather than spend their time troubleshooting network problems.

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