Dear Partner,

For 25 years, Network Operations has focused on network management from the bottom-up, device by device. That’s why hybrid networks seem so complex to so many people, and why so many people have to be involved in their operation. Ironic, because business leaders think about problem solving from the top-down, delivering business results by executing a series of intentions.

Isn’t it time to run NetOps the way business thinks? NetBrain will show you how networks can be defined as a compilation of business intentions, and management can then be handled by maintain those intentions. By doing so, all of the traditional complexities of your hybrid network are gone.

On March 2nd 2022, 6:00pm EET, see how NetBrain can enable you to:

  • Transform every aspect of your network into the desired intentions, and then allows automation of those intentions to keep the network running
  • Realize that up to 95% of all network service tickets can be addressed by automation and reduce MTTRs by 60% or more
  • Enable up to 50% of all network problems to be resolved before they impact production, eliminating business risk and reducing cost
  • Allow anyone in your organization to apply capture their expertise without writing a single line of code and share it collaboratively.

Grab your seat and enjoy the show! Register for our March 2nd webinar on the future of NetOps and we’ll show you how you can get it today. One-Hour will change your NetOps world forever.